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Ideally situated on the bank of the Tagus River, with beautiful views of Toledo, the palace of Galiana, known in Arabic as "Almunia Regia" or King's orchard, was originally built in the 11th century by the famous Islamic monarch Al Ma'mun. The palace is the backdrop to many romantic love stories: Firstly between the French Emperor Charlemagne and the beautiful Galiana, daughter of the Moorish King Galafré


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The palace of Galiana has undergone a beautiful restoration and is composed of three main aisles and a reflecting pond, surrounded by wonderful kept gardens, which makes it a unique and ideal place to visit, celebrate family or corporate events and presentations


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The Palace is located behind the train station of Toledo. Please schedule your visit. Phone us 917026416 - 917026420 or email us eventos@palaciodegaliana.es


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Historical Location

The Palace of Galiana is an ideal place for filming as it has been location of medieval and historical movies. Galiana is available for very exclusive advertising campaigns and product presentations. This property can easily be transformed and decorated in many ways offering multiple and beautiful possibilities.

"La Española Inglesa" Telefilm for TVE


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